Historically bracelets have been worn for protection, decorative purposes, in rituals, and to indicate one's social status. Which begs the question, what does your bracelet say about you?

Dumbbell Charm Bracelet - Do you even bracelet bro? 💪

Nothing screams #boss more than an engraved dumbbell bracelet. Inspired by the ancient greek gods this bracelet is perfect for guys who want to express their inner strength & sophistication. In other words it’s aesthetic af.

Couples Crown Stone Stacked Bracelet - Did someone say #baeclet? 💑

It’s a well know fact that couples that bracelet together stay together. So it’s no surprise that you and bae are probably taking a long walk along the beach hand in hand whilst sharing an ice-cream cone and listening to your favourite Drake album rn. Fun Fact: Couples bracelets also increase your chances of Netflix & chill to 10000%.

Dog Paw Stone Bracelet - Dog bracelets are man’s best friend 🐶

This pawesome natural stone bracelet is for those of you who would rather share your bed with your furry best friend than with another hooman!  You’re also the kind of the person that will cross the road to pet a cute doggo but cross the road to avoid talking to your aunty. Can’t say we blame you!

 Couples Pineapple Bracelet - Pineapple lovers 🍍

Lovers of this pineapple bracelet tend to stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.  You are also the kind of weirdo person that is partial to pineapple on pizza - but we won’t hold this against you. If this sounds like you then this bracelet is definitely your (pineapple) jam!

Owl Bracelet - You’re such a hoot 🦉

Wearers of this owl bracelet have a reputation of being wise & not giving a hoot what others think. You also like to stay out all night being fly af. We don’t want to ruffle your feathers but if this sounds like you and you don’t have this bracelet you’re not that owlsome after all.

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